The Energy Bar That Keeps You Warm

The most exciting new energy bar to hit the outdoor market since the invention of the hand warmer! Thermal Bar® is a high energy, high quality energy bar loaded with all natural grains, healthy nutrients, anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids and a proprietary blend of warming spices that help keep you warm in cold conditions.

Designed for All Cold Weather Activities

Thermal Bar is not just for outdoor sports. It’s for anyone who spends a lot of time outside in the cold: construction workers, police officers, sanitation crews, EMTs, landscapers, etc.

Whether trying to keep your hands warm while fishing on a cool May morning, gripping an ice axe on a frozen waterfall in January or swinging a hammer during winter construction, this energy bar will definitely raise your comfort level. Thermal Bar contains no preservatives, artificial colors or refined sugars.

How it Works

The Inventors